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Alumi-UV Resin Net Weight 0.25 lb

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Net Weight 0.25 lb

Alumi-UV is a single component, semi-flexible, extremely durable, clear doming and coating resin. Once cured with UV light, it produces a high gloss coating on paper, plastic, wood, metal, and more. Alumi-UV has a medium viscosity which is great for covering items and applying even coating to unsymmetrical shaped items. Multiple coats can be applied to build coating thickness. This one part system is shelf stable when stored between 55 and 80 degrees F. Cure times vary based on light source.

Safety Data Sheet

Physical Properties: Color Clear Mixed Viscosity (cps) 1,800 Shore Hardness D 75-80 Specific Gravity 1.05 Shrinkage (in/in) NIL General Properties: Mix Ratio 1 part Shelf Life 1 year Light Source

Typical Cure Times

300 Watt/in UV curing lights – 365nm wavelength 2-3 seconds

20 Watt UV LED, 365 nm 5-10 minutes


Prior to using Alumi-UV, be sure your piece is clean and free of any oils. Once clean and dry, seal any photographs, paper, or other porous material with Modge Podge, Elmers Glue, or any other type of sealer that will laminate and seal. Be sure laminated pieces are pressed down tightly and flush with the surface to avoid trapped air. Once the sealer is completely dry, coat your piece with Alumi-UV. Try to avoid introducing air into the coating during application. Bubbles that do not escape may cause blemishes as it cures.

Storage and Handling:

Store between 55 and 80 degrees F in a dry area. Avoid extreme temps and moisture. If material freezes, it will gel. Simply warm material back up by setting container in a bath of hot tap water to return it to its original viscosity. Change out tap water as needed to keep hot until Alumi-UV thins back down. Do not microwave.