ColorJET™ III Dark (for use dark colored garments, Inkjet Printer) -

ColorJET™ III Dark (for use dark colored garments, Inkjet Printer)

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This is for 1 sheet 8.5x11 and includes a transfer sheet.

This product is for use in desktop inkjet printers. This is for dark colored fabrics. You Print on this product "right reading" and use a transfer sheet to transfer image to garment. It does come with the transfer sheet. The size is 8.5x11.This background is white, so where you see white or clear in your image it will all be white.

Color Jet III DARK Application Instructions

Print your image on a regular sheet of paper first to check that your image will print correctly.

Suggested Printer Settings:

HP- Iron on transfer at normal or best quality

Epson- 300dpi ink jet paper or plain paper at 300 or 720dpi

Epson Stylus Photo- Quality: Best Photo, Paper Type: Presentation Paper

MatteCanon: T-Shirt Transfer at default settings

Lexmark: Iron on transfer at best quality either 600 or 1200dpi

NOT Recommended for use on HP1200C or 1600C

The ink must be fully dried before application or the ink WILL come up

The side that gets printed is the blank side of the sheet. Only load one sheet at a time.Print the way you want the image to appear. Do not leave a margin around the edge of the image. Any white material will be transferred to the garment. Round the edges, when possible, to improve adhesion. Weed excess material after cutting image. Apply transfer sheet to top of image then peel off backing.  Do not layer with other HTV.

HAND IRONING- Preheat iron to highest setting, empty water, and set to dry setting. Iron shirt to remove all wrinkles. Iron on a safe, flat surface. Place the transfer face up on the garment. Iron using very heavy pressure. A full sheet requires 1.5 minutes of ironing, while a half sheet requires 1 minute. IRON A SECOND TIME using FIRM PRESSURE and the same technique as before. Peel cover/transfer sheet HOT.

HEAT PRESS- Set the heat press to 375°F. Press fabric to remove wrinkles. Allow garment to cool, then place the transfer face up on the garment. Using firm pressure, press for 20 seconds. Peel cover/transfer sheet hot.

WASHING - It is recommended that you wait at least 24 hours prior to washing the garment for the first time. We recommend hand washing and air drying. Not suitable for dry-cleaning. No bleach or aggressive cleansing agents.To iron the shirt, do not put iron directly on the transferred area.Technical Support Toll Free 877-437-8556

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends Excluding Nylon, Dazzle Cloth, Shiny Polyester, and Moisture-Wicking Materials

Special Precautions for Both: Make sure that the print is thoroughly dry before pressing. Do not stretch or cracking will occur. 

No Refunds or Returns. This product takes patience to use and is sold as is without any guarantee or warranty.  We recommend testing first before using on final product. 

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