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Spiderwebs HTV Pack

Spiderwebs HTV Pack

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This pack contains 1 each of the following: (Total 4 sheets in this pack)

1 - ThermoFlex Fashion Patterns Spiderwebs HTV 12x15 sheet

1 - ThermoFlex Plus HTV Carmine 12x15 sheet

1 - ThermoFlex Plus HTV Purple Haze12x15 sheet

1 - ThermoFlex Plus HTV Metal Flake Black 12x15 sheet


Application Instructions For ThermoFlex Fashion Patterns (Spiderwebs HTV)

Blade – 45°

Cut – Mirror image

Temp – 305° F

Pressure – Medium, even

Time – 8-10 seconds

Peel – Warm

Care – Wash inside out, gentle cycle, cold water, tumble dry. Not suitable for dry-cleaning.
Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Acrylic, and similar fabrics Excluding Nylon

Special Precautions - We do not recommend layering anything on top of this product.

If sheet has an air bubble, use a needle to pop it from the back (non pattern side). This is not considered a flaw.

Application Instructions For ThermoFlex Plus HTV

Blade – 45°

Cut – Mirror image

Temp – 320°-330° F

Pressure – Medium, even

Time – 15 seconds

Peel – Warm (except Neons, Columbia Blue, Frosty Clear- peel cold), cover with Teflon and repress for 2 seconds. (Repress for 5 seconds for Frosty Clear)

Care – Wash warm water. Tumble dry normal. Dry-cleaning okay.

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Acrylic, Linen, Wool Excluding Nylon

Frosty Clear Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Polyester/Acrylic Excluding Nylon

Most colors of ThermoFlex® Plus may be applied in layers with the exception of:

  • Neon colors
  • Antique Silver
  • Graphite
  • Bronze
  • Old Gold
  • Copper Gold
  • Dark Copper
  • Metal Flake colors
  • Columbia Blue

These colors cannot have layers adhered on top of them, although we have successfully layered these products on top of other colors.

Be advised that dye-migration has occurred with low energy dyes in polyester and poly-blend fabrics.


Size is +/- 0.50 inch and +/-3% on length

Colors of products may be different than what the screen on your device shows. TIP: Always perform a test cut prior to cutting a whole design

Helpful tip-Specialty Materials recommends if your T shirt or material your are putting this HTV on says "dry fit", "Moisture Wicking", or is Gildan Ultra Cotton, use a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and squirt the material where you are putting the design. Then rub it in a bit with a cloth and dry or even heat press it to dry then press the design. This is due to the material being a coated material, instead of an un coated material.
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