Canva Pro Saving Instructions

Hello.  In this blog I would like to show you how to save your png file out of Canva Pro version.  I do not know much about the background removal tool so I cant comment much on that.  I do know only the Pro version has the option to remove backgrounds.  Only the Pro verstion has the options to save as a high quality PNG file.  So her is how you save your file in Canva Pro (after you have made all the adjustment you feel necessary to your file):

Click on the "share" button at the top, then click download.  See picture below.


Now check to make sure it is saving as a PNG file type.  Next, take the slider and slide it all the way to the right.  It is indicated by an arrow in the picture below.  Next make sure you click the transparent background button.  It is circled in the picture.  


Then download your file.  This means your file will be in your "downloads" file on your computer.  You can upload it from there to our online designer here


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