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Important Notes

***TIP: Always keep stock on hand.***

Coming from years of experience making crafts, NEVER promise someone an item will be completed by a certain time. Especially if you do not have the material to make it with on hand.  Unexpected delays can happen.  The best method is to get the material on hand, then come up with your completion date. will not issue a refund if you cannot complete a project you had promised someone due to not having materials on hand.  We do offer an overnight shipping option at checkout for when you have tight deadlines.

***REMINDER: Shipping Delays are not caused by***

The wonderful staff at will do their best job of getting your order shipped out right away, however does not own or have any control on how shipping companies (USPS, UPS, FedEx) do their job and move packages through their facilities. If you have questions about shipping delays after the package was accepted at the shipping company, the fastest way to get answers is to contact the shipping company that your order was shipped with.  We can only see what the exact same thing tracking shows you and we do not have access to any other information. Once again, has no control on shipping company delays.   View Our Shipping Policy