Terms and Conditions of the Sale

The customer (you) understands and agrees to the following when completing their purchase with CraftCutterSupply.com:

CraftCutterSupply.com tries to get orders shipped out within 1-2 business days of being placed but there are some instances where order volumes are higher and shipping may take longer. Shipping times are an estimate only. Orders that have printed vinyl may take up to an additional 3 business days to ship due to the ink curing process of the printed vinyl.

No returns, refunds, or exchanges unless we ship the wrong item, there was a visible flaw in the actual vinyl film (not in the carrier sheet or backing material) , or the item was damaged in transit. CraftCutterSupply.com must be notified within 72 hours of your order being marked as delivered by the USPS that a wrong item was shipped, visibly flawed in the actual vinyl film (not in the carrier sheet or backing material), missing (see below) or damaged. A photo of the contents received and a photo of the box it came in must be sent for all claims. After 72 hours, there will be no returns, refunds or exchanges. Defective vinyl may need to be sent back to CraftCutterSupply.com to be analyzed by the manufacturer. CraftCutterSupply may issue a refund or replacement of vinyl if directed to do so by the manufacturer.  Replacement of defective or missing items, if determined to be so by CraftCutterSupply.com or the manufacturer, will be shipped via USPS lowest rate. CraftCutterSupply.com will not overnight or upgrade shipping on missing or defective items.  All printed/pattern vinyl is printed to order and cannot be returned or refunded.

Claims of missing items: We will need a picture of the box, packing slip and all material received sent to us in an email. NO EXCEPTIONS.  We weigh all packages individually before printing a shipping label to record the actual weight of what was sent.  When we get a claim about missing items, we will repull your order, check it for accuracy, and then compare it to the weight that was sent.  We can then tell if there was a problem.  If the order was repulled and the exact weight was correct as it was sent,  we will still need a picture of the box, packing slip and all material received sent to us in an email. NO EXCEPTIONS.  We will start the claims process to figure out what went wrong or what was sent wrong.  All the information will be passed to our local post master along with The United States Postal Inspector to determine where the package had become lighter along the route or if fraud (felony offence) is being committed. We will resend or refund the material once the investigation and claims process is complete only if it was determined to be an issue within the postal system and not an act of fraud that was being committed.  We will NOT honor claims if we do not receive pictures or if it has been longer that 72 hours after your order had been scanned as delivered.

It is typical for edges of vinyl to be damaged or bent up to 3/8 inch during shipping. The vinyl can be turned over and a scraper can be use to flatten the edge. Edge damage such as



will not affect cutting or performance of the vinyl (as this edge is typically under your machines rollers) and will not be refunded. If it is more than 3/8 inch, a claim will need to be filed with the carrier company. CraftCutterSupply.com will not compensate or reimburse the customer for edge damage in any way. 

It is typical for ends of vinyl to look like:  This is not considered defective as it comes from the manufacturer this way.

It is typical for an edge of vinyl to be discolored or faded on the edge up to 3/8 of an inch.  This does not affect the rest of the material.  It is not recommended to cut to the edge of vinyl since over cutting the edge can ruin the entire project along with your blade, mat, and cutting strip.  There will not be refunds issued for vinyl with edge discoloration or fading.  See picture below as an example.

On the stiffer vinyl/films "tunneling" (bubble or separation of the vinyl from the carrier sheet) will occur when rolled, unrolled or when the paper shrinks or relaxes during different temps. The best solution is to lift the product from the liner gently from the edge to the part tunneled. Lay it back down and smooth gently with squeegee wrapped with a soft cloth from the middle to the edge. Work the other side the same way if needed.  We do not offer refunds on vinyl that has tunneled as there is nothing actually wrong with the vinyl as this is a very common occurrence and it will be fine after doing the steps mentioned above.  

Items with flaws in the vinyl film (not in the carrier sheet, lining or backing) that are reported to CraftCutterSupply.com within the 72 hours of receiving it, will only be given a credit of the prorated amount of the affected area. CraftCutterSupply.com will need pictures of the affected area and a picture of the entire sheet. The entire piece will not be refunded since it will still be usable. If the the affected area measures 1 inch x 1 inch on a 12 inch x 12 inch piece, you will be issued a credit of 1/144 of the cost of that piece of vinyl.

All items are sold as is, use at your own risk, and does not have any warranties. CraftCutterSupply.com will not replace vinyl that was cut with wrong cut settings, used wrong application method, applied to wrong materials, applied improperly, applied with wrong pressure or temperature, applied with wrong transfer tape etc. It is important to understand how to operate your equipment properly and also you understand that some material will be wasted with the set up process when determining proper cut settings. application procedures, etc. The probability of receiving "bad vinyl or defective vinyl" Is extremely rare. Since we have been doing this, we have only had 1 roll of glitter vinyl that was losing the transfer sheet and we caught that before being sent out to anyone. We will not allow returns or give credits/refunds for bad vinyl or defective vinyl claims. 

If a return is authorized, CraftCutterSupply.com will issue a return mailing label.  If the mailing label has no movement within 7 days of being issued, the authorized return will be cancelled and the item(s) will be considered to being originally delivered to your satisfaction and the case will be closed without any additional compensation.

CraftCutterSupply.com is not responsible for damaged items or items damaged by any product sold.

There is no refunds or credits issued once your package has been shipped.

CraftCutterSupply.com does NOT allow for add on's for orders placed.

Siser Products are cut from rolls measuring approximately 11.7, 14.75, inch or 19.5 inch depending on the material with a tolerance of +-.5 inch. The dimension of 12, 15, and 20 are nominal dimensions used as an industry standard. No returns, refunds, or exchanges will be granted for not receiving the full 12, 15, or 20 inch dimension.

All material that is purchased from CraftCutterSupply.com is cut to order within a .5 inch tolerance of the size listed on width and 3% on length. This means the material maybe a half inch longer to a half inch shorter than what the dimensions state. We can not control what sizes manufactures cut material to so all dimensions may not be exact as what the listings state.

Colors may be different than what the screen on your device shows. There are no refunds or exchanges if the color just isn't the right shade you thought it would be or if you order the wrong type of vinyl.  See the following picture of 3 laptops, one desktop,one phone, and one ipad all at our shop:

This is how different screens can be all showing the same product.  This is not due to anything CraftCutterSupply did, or can control.  We highly suggest purchasing sample rings to see the colors in person.

Orders that have printed vinyl may take up to an additional 3 business days to ship due to the ink curing process of the printed vinyl.

Printed HTV does require a transfer tape suitable for High temperatures.

If you wish to cancel your order after it has been placed and paid for, you will be charged a 25% restocking fee even if the order was just placed. Orders are cut and pulled quickly and this pays for the staff member working on the cancellation. It also helps keep our prices low for everyone else.

The customer agrees to use the carrier company from the list provided by CraftCutterSupply.com and agrees to take action with the carrier company if there is a problem with the shipment. The customer also understands there may be delays with shipping and CraftCutterSupply.com will not reimburse or refund the customer for late deliveries. In addition, CraftCutterSupply.com understands they will not receive any additional money for a package arriving early.

No refunds are given if you miss a deadline on an item that you promised you would deliver to someone. The best method is to get the material on hand, then come up with your completion date. Always keep stock on hand. NEVER promise someone an item will be made by a certain time. 

No refunds are given for coupon codes.  Only one (1) coupon code/reward point code can be used per order, no exceptions.  Our system does not allow for stacking discounts.  Coupon codes earned through the rewards do not expire until used.

CraftCutterSupply.com cannot control shipping times and can only go by the estimated delivery dates given by the carrier company. We will not guarantee the delivery date.

Orders over $200 may require a signature upon delivery.

CraftCutterSupply.com may ship multiple orders together if they are going to the same address.  There will not be any refunds issued for any of the shipping costs on the multiple orders that ship together.

Packages may take up to 15 days to arrive after being accepted by the carrier company. If the package does not arrive within the 15 days after being accepted by the carrier company, CraftCutterSupply.com will refund the order or can reship the order as long as the shipping address was correct on the original order. No refunds will be given if the package does not arrive on the date given with the carrier company's tracking.  Unauthorized returns and delivery refusals because it was "late", "wasn't needed", "didn't get there in time", etc will not be refunded.

CraftCutterSupply.com is not responsible for packages lost in transit after being accepted at the carrier company.  CraftCutterSupply.com will make a claim only after 15 days had passed.

CraftCutterSupply.com is not responsible for items once they are scanned as being delivered.  The customer must contact the carrier company to find the GPS location of where the item was delivered.  Packages have been known to be delivered at a later date, put in a wrong mailbox, placed at the wrong house, and also stolen after being delivered.  The customer must make a claim with the carrier company or local police department to track down the missing packages.  CraftCutterSupply.com does not have adequate staffing to hand deliver packages or to provide security until it actually gets in the customers hands. The best CraftCuttersupply.com can do is hand the package to the carrier company that was chosen upon checkout.

CraftCutterSupply.com ships Monday thru Friday 8am-4pm EST. Orders may be processed and filled outside these times.

We will only ship to the shipping address provided by Paypal to maintain the Buyer/Seller protection that Paypal offers. If package is returned due to wrong address provided by the customer, customer agrees to pay the actual shipping cost charged by the USPS (not a promotional shipping rate which includes the free shipping rate) to reship package. If customer requests a refund after package has been returned, a refund will be issued minus the shipping cost and a 25% restocking fee.  

Prices are subject to change at anytime and will not be applied to orders previously placed.  If there is an error in pricing, we will contact you to see if you would like a refund for the product that was incorrectly priced or you can be invoiced to pay the correct amount for that item.


Sales may start and stop at any time.  Prices will not be adjusted on previous orders if products were purchased before the sale started.  Orders placed prior to a sale will not be cancelled. 

There are no returns or refunds on sale items.

You must order from the Sale Page to get the sale pricing.

We like to offer sales to get you low pricing, however, we will not make any adjustments to pricing on any orders placed before, during, or after the sale.  This helps reduce staffing costs that would normally have to be made up by having higher pricing and slower shipping times.

Any orders with a Free Shipping promotion or coupon code will be shipped with the carrier and service of our choice.


It is the customers responsibility to keep track of the orders they place for their own tax purposes. All sales receipts are sent to the email used to place the order and should be printed off.  A receipt is also included in the box the material came in.  CraftCutterSupply.com has limited staffing and customer requests for a yearly order history may take up to 4 months for a response.  It is best if the customer searches past emails for the information they need for their tax purposes.

Do not place an order if there is any part of the Terms and Conditions you do not understand or agree to.  If you place and order, you can use coupon code IREADIT at checkout for 6% off your purchase.

If a purchase has been made, then you had read and agreed to these terms.