Reward Program

Reward Points

Free Products must be added to your cart for Free Product discounts to work properly.

Points are calculated by the subtotal. $1 = 1 point  Decimals are not added to the total.  Example:  If your subtotal is $20.40, you will get 20 points.

Rewards can only be gained and used for online purchases.

Points do not accumulate on taxes, shipping and Sale Items.

Points do not accumulate on Gift Cards, Sale Items, or Discounted Orders(ie used coupon).

Rewards may change at anytime. Any coupon codes that were emailed will still be valid until used.

Point totals in your account may change between May 6th 2018 and May 12th 2018 while the program gets set up.

How to check how many points you have: You will need to click the button on the blue button on the bottom left of our website that says "Check Rewards" See Picture-

How to use your points: For starters you must be logged in.  So go to the blue button on the bottom left of the website that says "Check Rewards" and then log in.  After that you will see what you have enough points for to redeem.  You will also see at the top how many points you have available.  After you click redeem it will give you a coupon code to use during check out.  If the rewards you choose to redeem is a free item, that item must be added to your cart prior to checkout for the code to work. It tells you in the terms of the free item where the free item is located.  You enter the code at checkout where it says " Gift card or discount code"  See Picture- will not apply a discount after an order has been placed will not credit rewards after an order has been placed.

Points are only applied to the customer name and email address used when placing an order.  Points can not be transferred from from on account to another.  If a wrong email address was used, the points will remain with that email address. can not move points to another account.  Please make sure your name and email is correct to get all your points that were earned.

Customers may be banned from the reward program at anytime for any reason deems fit and customer will lose all reward points accumulated.