Loyalty Reward Program

Reward Points 

Our rewards program has been redone to now have spending tiers!

The rewards program is also our wholesale discounts.


Starting  02/01/24 we now have tiers.  The tiers go by how much you have spent with us.  This goes by LIFETIME purchases, so if you have purchased with us before, that will count towards your tier level.  


The tiers are:

New customer -  $0-$499 is 1 point per dollar spent back in rewards.

Bronze - $500-$999 is 1.1 points per dollar spent back in rewards.

Silver - $1000-$1999 is 1.2 points per dollar spent back in rewards.

Gold - $2000-$4999 is 1.3 points per dollar spent back in rewards.

Diamond - $5000-$9999 is 1.4 points per dollar spent back in rewards.

Platinum - $10,000 + is 1.5 points per dollar spent back in rewards.  


Reward points expire in 1 year if you do not make a purchase in 1 year.  


For example - a new customer who spends $100 gets 100 points for that order.  If a platinum customer (has spent over $10,000 LIFETIME) places a $100 order they would receive 150 points for that order.  


The more you spend the faster you build up points to use and get discounts faster.


To use your reward points

You need to have an account with us.  Once you log in you will see the rewards tab pop up on the bottom left of the computer screen.  There at the bottom it shows you how many points you have.  Click on “my rewards - you MUST enter code at checkout”.  You will see “redeem” next to the rewards you have available to use with your amount of points.  Make sure you copy/paste the code at checkout.

The coupon code is only valid to your account.

Rewards can only be gained and used for online purchases. (not in store purchases, sorry)

Gift Card purchases do NOT count toward the minimum purchase needed to use a coupon code earned.  Your product value must be above what that coupon code states in the rewards tab on the website (bottom left on your screen)

Points do not accumulate on taxes, shipping and Gift Cards.

Points earned on a current order can only be used on a future order.

Rewards may change at anytime. Any coupon codes that were emailed will still be valid until used.

If you forget to use a rewards points coupon code on your order, don't worry they do not expire.  You can use them on your next order.  We can NOT add coupon codes to already placed orders.

Points will expire after 1 yeas if you do not make another purchase within the 1 year.  When you make a purchase, it will start the 1 year over again.  You can also trade your reward points in for coupon codes.  The coupon codes DO NOT expire.

Only one (1) coupon code/reward point code can be used per order, no exceptions.  Our system does not allow for stacking discounts.  Coupon codes earned through the rewards do not expire until used.

Here is a video of how to check/use your reward points-



Here is a picture step by step of how to check/use your reward points. 

Step 1-log in to your account

How to check how many points you have: You will need to click the blue button on the bottom left of our website that says "Rewards" See Picture-

This is what will pop up after clicking the rewards.  In the picture below I have circled your points balance.

How to use your points: For starters you must be logged in for the system to register who is trying to use the points.   Now that you are logged in, click the rewards tab.  The rewards that you have enough points to redeem will say "redeem" next to them-see picture

After clicking "redeem" a red x and a green check will pop up.  You have to click the green check to confirm you would like to redeem this-see picture

*Once you do this an email with the code will also be sent to you.*

"Copy" means you have redeemed this, but not used it yet.  I will explain how to use it further down.

"Earn" means you do not have enough points to redeem it yet, and it tells you below the coupon how many more points you need before you can redeem.  See picture below-

Once you have clicked "redeem" to use a coupon code it turns to  "copy" and gets bumped to the top of the list.  You will have to click copy, then in the checkout process you right click, then paste in the spot that says "discount code or gift card" See picture below. (There are many other ways to copy/paste and all of them work).

It also gives you the code here-see picture-so you do not have to wait for an email

Right click, paste


Additional ways to earn points

Click the rewards tab, then choose "earn points"


CraftCuttersupply.com will not apply a discount after an order has been placed and will not credit rewards after an order has been placed.

Points are only applied to the customer name and email address used when placing an order.  Points can not be transferred from from on account to another.  If a wrong email address was used, the points will remain with that email address.  CraftCutterSupply.com can not move points to another account.  Please make sure your name and email is correct to get all your points that were earned.


Troubleshooting-You HAVE to have an account to use your rewards points. This means a log in email address and password.  This is how the system knows it is you.  You HAVE to be logged into your account to see your points and redeem them. 

Make sure there are no added spaces when copying and pasting.  It will tell you it is an invalid code if there is.

Customers may be banned from the reward program at anytime for any reason CraftCutterSupply.com deems fit and customer will lose all reward points accumulated.