What is the difference between Oracal 631 and Oracal 651?

Technically, the difference is 631 is matte and has a clear, water based removable adhesive.  631 is used for indoor projects and is safe for walls.  Oracal 651 is glossy (only black and white have a mate option) and has a clear, solvent based permanent adhesive.  It is used for outdoor projects including car decals.

What does HTV stand for?

HTV stand for Heat Transfer Vinyl.  This means it requires the use of heat to make the vinyl stick to garments.

Why is my transfer tape not picking up my vinyl?

The most common reason for this is that the cut settings are cutting to deep into the paper backing of the vinyl.  The second most common reason is not brandishing (rubbing) the transfer tape onto the vinyl.  Try flipping the entire thing over and pull the backing from the decal and transfer tape. 

Why is my vinyl not weeding correctly? 

This is due to cut setting not being correct.  We suggest always doing a test cut prior to cutting a full design.  Also, check your blade to make sure these is not anything stuck to it.  If your blade is dull then you may need a new blade.

My vinyl is not cutting/adhering correctly.  Did I get a "bad batch" of vinyl maybe?!

Most likely you did not.  There is a learning curve to this craft, and learning you machine an its cut settings.  The cut settings have to be correct for your vinyl to cut/weed/pick up with transfer tape correctly.  Expect to waist materials learning.  We have seen 1 "bad batch" of vinyl in the 12+ years we have been doing this.  Also, it would be one entire 150FT roll, not one section or multiple colors.

Why doesn't mt heat transfer vinyl stay on my shirt very long? (falls off after one wash, only lasts a day etc...)

This is either due to time, temperature, or pressure.  Any of these items are not enough, or to much.  The most common of these is not enough pressure.  Please look up the recommended settings for the vinyl you are using.  All of our directions for pressing are in the description of each particular HTV product.

Why is my HTV crinkled up after I press it with my new heat press?

This is most commonly because with any heat press you purchase, you have to make absolutely sure it is on Fahrenheit and NOT Celsius. This is very important because you will heat your vinyl up way way to hot if you do not know it is on C and practically melt it, which causes the crinkling up.

How to layer Siser Easyweed HTV

Here is a video from Siser to show you how to layer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJY4NHYQwyw&t=4s

There are also many more videos on youtube to show you how to layer, just search Siser easyweed HTV layering.

Do you have any coupon codes?

We have launched our rewards/points system, so we do not offer coupon codes at this time.  The system is set up to "reward" the customers that come back to us.  You receive points on every purchase to use on future purchases.

Can I get color samples of a certain color so I can see them in person before I purchase a bunch?

We do sell some colors in a 3x12 size, otherwise we have color sample ring/swatches for purchase.  They have all the material that is available in that line, and they are individually labeled on the back of each color swatch.  You can find them HERE.

Can I add to my order I have already placed?

Unfortunately, we can not add to your order. We try to explain this with the check box  (in the cart) that says we can not make changes to orders placed and the pay now button that gets clicked that say we can not make changes to orders. Your order confirmation does say in big bold letters that we can not add to orders and also the auto response when you had emailed us says we cannot add to orders. We do not do changes or add ons because we do not want to cause delays on other customers orders.

I cant find my reward points code/It didn't give me a code.  What now?

Here is a link of how the rewards points system works.  It also has pictures showing you where you can find the code, where to put the code, and how to copy/paste the code.  https://craftcuttersupply.com/pages/reward-points 

You charged my credit card twice!

Credit cards do several checks to validate a purchase. First it checks the number and also to see if the amount is available on the card creating a pending payment.  Then it checks the zip code/address. If the zip code is wrong it declines the transaction. The charge you see is actually called a pending charge and has not posted to account.  The pending charge will go away after a few days and it will not show up on your bill. Credit cards will never give us money for declined payment. All the information can also be verified with your credit card company.

How do I check the status of my order?

You can always log in to your account, click on "my orders" then click on the order number (literally the number itself).  It will give you the order status and tracking number if it has one.

Do you accept PO orders?

Unfortunately we do not do P.O.’s.  What most of our school customers do is purchase the vinyl themselves, then get reimbursed from the schools.