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Custom - UV DTF (Printed Decal/Sticker)

Custom - UV DTF (Printed Decal/Sticker)

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***These are NOT for fabric.  If you want the kind for fabric, Click Here

Watch the video on how to use the designer HERE

UV DTF (UV Direct To Film) is a process of printing and curing your sticky backed print.  These UV DTF stickers are water proof and scratch resistant.  These can be placed on any flat, clean surface (think decals/stickers)  These are printed with varnish on them so they have a glossy finish and UV protection.  

These are very sticky, so once you touch the object you are placing them on there is NO repositioning.  The design will rip if you try to do this.  

***Once these are stuck on they are very hard to remove.  We have used a razor blade on glass to get it off - Then had to use adhesive remover to get the glue all the way off.  We have also tried just using the adhesive remover and it did not work very well.  We then used a heat gun with a chizzler squeegee and that got the majority of it off.  We then used the adhesive remover to get the adhesive residue off.*** If these are put on car paint they will be very difficult to remove.  You would need to be very careful removing them.

You must use the "Build Your Own Gang Sheet Button".  You can re size things in the gang sheet builder.  This is where you upload your files you would like printed.   

1. Choose your sheet size above, then click "Build Your Own Gang Sheet".  This will take you into the designer.

2. Upload your designs using the "upload image" button on the left . They need to be a .png file with a transparent background, 300dpi or higher. If the background is not removed our printer WILL print it. You may move them around and size them as you want. When you are done click "save and add to cart"

***In the designer - You have to click on your picture to add it to the artboard, drag and drop does not work***

Keep Your Images RIGHT READING

3.  You can change the quantity (number of copies) you want in the designer, at the top where it says "quantity", or you can click the "save and add to cart" button and change the quantity in the cart.


We recommend a PNG file format with transparent background 300dpi.

These can be designs you purchase (from online places such as Etsy or a designer website) that are a PNG file format, 300dpi or higher, with a transparent background. You can also make them if you are a designer, but they have to be given to us as a PNG file 300dpi or higher and transparent background. Whatever is not transparent in a background will print.

The colors could be slightly off if the designs are made (or changed) in RGB color format. We print DTF with CMYK inks and color profiles. Print colors will be more consistent using CMYK colors.

We are NOT considered a print on demand site, as you are creating the final product for your customers, not us.

No Copyright things. When you send a PNG to us we assume you have the rights to have the image printed.

When choosing an image to have custom printed, keep in mind that transparent pixels may not print well as the computer program does not know what to do with these. Also a large solid one colored area may have slight variation in the solid color. This is due to the nature of printing.

Colors could vary a little bit from your screen to the final print. This is just the nature of printing . If vastly different you will be notified.

These come with a color bar printed on the side. Be sure to cut that off or it WILL adhere to the item

These will be printed in the size you send them.

*Inkscape is a free software.

We are not responsible for pixelated artwork/designs.

Application Process:

Click HERE For a blog we made on the application process.  

We do recommend hand washing as we have not tested these through the dishwasher. 

If you order the same image/fonts etc. in regular DTF (for shirts) and UV DTF (Printed Decal/Sticker) the colors of the prints may not be an exact match when placed next to each other.

This is due to:

-Using 2 completely different printers and processes.

-Using 2 completely different software's to print the images.

-Each printer uses a different type of ink, media, and curing process.

We try our best to color calibrate them to be similar, we just cant guarantee they will be the exact same shade of color when they are placed next to each other.

No refunds or Exchanges.  These are a custom made item,  printed the exact way that you make them.

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