How To Determine Which Side To Cut On HTV

You have purchased HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl) and now you are not sure which side to cut, well let us help.  

Mostly you will read that you cut the HTV with the "shiny" side facing down.  Sometimes that is pretty easy to determine, and sometimes it may not be so easy.

Here is a picture of a Blue HTV-This is the "shiny" side.  It is hard to try to weed through on a corner.

Here is the same HTV "dull" side-It is easier to weed through the corner.

Now here is how to tell the 2 sides apart

Get through a corner of your HTV (like the picture above).  The clear carrier sheet is the "shiny" side.  The shiny side goes down when your cutting.  The vinyl side goes face up.  You want to cut through the vinyl, but not through the carrier sheet.  Perform test cuts to get your settings correct, and remember to reverse your image on your computer before cutting HTV.

Here is another example-Shinny carrier side (hard to pick through)

The vinyl side (easier to get your weeder through)

The two parts separated so you can tell which side is the carrier sheet and which side is the vinyl side. 

Remember the carrier sheet faces down and the vinyl side faces up.  You want to cut through the vinyl side, but not through the carrier sheet.  Follow the manufacturer instructions on time, temp, and pressure, hot or cold peel, what materials they go on etc..  (On our website they are all listed in the descriptions of each product)



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I am new to htv. The how to section is a great help. thanks so much.

grace neal

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