How To Sublimate On HTV

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Not all HTV can be sublimated on. Polyester is what will hold the sublimation ink.

HTV that can be sublimated on are:

GlitterFlex Ultra HTV

GlitterFlex II HTV

DecoFilm Brilliant Chameleon HTV

*Light colors (white glitter) show the colors the best.  Remember, if the glitter color you chose is yellow and you are printing blue the final product will be a shade of green*


Siser HTV that can be sublimated on: 

Siser Glitter HTV (White or Rainbow White for the best color) - Here is a video

The below are experimental - Here is a Siser Video for the below experimental ones

Siser Glow in the dark HTV 

Holographic Rainbow Pearl HTV

Holographic Mystic Pearl  HTV 

Sparkle Snowstorm White HTV  

Sparkle Clear HTV  

 Frosty Clear HTV

Frosty Clear With A Sticky Carrier HTV





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