How To Use Printed Vinyl (HTV And Adhesive)

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You have purchased some printed vinyl, now how do you use it?  These steps are the same for printed adhesive vinyl and printed HTV.

Step 1.  Load it into your machine with the printed side facing up.

Step 2.  Test cut so you get the correct settings (I had to test cut twice before I had the correct settings) You want to cut through the vinyl, but NOT the backing that the vinyl is on.

Step 3.  Cut out your design.  Cut it "Right Reading" (do NOT flip it like you would normal HTV)  I made a box around my design as that saves the rest of my print for a later use.

Step 4.  Weed out the part you are not using (In my picture it will be the box and I cut it out with scissors-shown in later pic) 

NOTE-Mr Frog is sitting on backing.  


Step 5.  Place transfer Tape/Sheet on top of the design.  This depends on the type of vinyl it is.  You need the high heat transfer tape for the HTV (of which we send with it), or you can re use the cover sheets from regular HTV.  For the adhesive vinyl any regular transfer tape will work.  It is the same process for both.

Squeegee it down


After Squeeging the transfer tape down, this is where I cut out Mr. Frog from the piece of vinyl, with scissors.

Step 7.  Peel the design off the backing.  If you are struggling with this then flip the whole thing over and peel the backing from the design.

Step 8.  Place the design on the item you have made it for.


• Apply design at 295°F/146°C with medium pressure for 15 seconds
• Peel Hot

Applies To:

• 100% cotton
• Poly/cotton blends
• 100% polyester
• Leather
• Lycra®/spandex





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