How To Use UV DTF "Sticky" Prints

How To Use UV DTF "Sticky" Prints

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***These are NOT for fabric***

UV DTF (UV Direct To Film) is a process of printing and curing your sticky backed print.  These UV DTF stickers are water proof and scratch resistant.  These can be placed on any flat, clean surface(think decals/stickers)  These are printed with varnish on them so they have a glossy finish and UV protection.  

These are very sticky, so once you touch the object you are placing them on there is NO repositioning.  The design will rip if you try to remove them once they stick.  

First prep your item by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol before getting started.  We just used a paper towel to clean it off.

1.  Rub your entire print so it is stuck tightly onto the transfer/cover sheet.

2.  Flip the entire thing over so you can peel the back away from the front.

3.  Peel the backing off from the front. (not the front from the backing)

4.  Now you should have your print on the sticky transfer/carrier sheet.

5.  Get it lined up where you are wanting to put it.  Keep in mind you can NOT reposition these.  ***They will rip/tear if you stick it down accidently and then try to peel it back off.

Once you have stuck the print on the item,  rub it down everywhere so it is stuck to the item.  

6.  Peel the carrier/cover sheet off, making sure the print is staying down.  Try to do this slowly so you can push the print back down if you have a spot that wants to come up with the transfer/carrier sheet.  

When you get the carrier/cover sheet off the item then you can push over the print to make sure all spots are stuck down.  

That's it :) This is the final product.

You can stick these to any hard, smooth surface.  Here we have placed it on plastic, glass and a metal sign.  All of them worked great!  We have personally not tried putting these through the dishwasher, and dishwasher temps do vary.  We do suggest hand washing these so there isn't any concern of them coming off.

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