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Home Is Where You Park It (Transfer Only)

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This is a full color heat transfer that has the ability to last as long as traditional silkscreen prints.

These come to you ready to heat onto your garments.

Approximate Sizes For this design

Pocket/Infant size is approx. 4 inch wide by 4.5 high

Toddler size is approx. 6 inch wide by 6.8 high

Youth size is approx. 8 inch wide by 9 inch high

Adult size is approx. 10 inch wide by 11.3 inch high

Large Adult size is approx. 12 inch wide by 13.6 inch high

*Make sure you measure the area of where you want the design to go to make the correct sizing choice*

Pressing Instructions:

Pre press your garment for 5 seconds to get rid of any moisture in the garment.

Heat transfer onto:

Cotton and poly/cotton blends at 315°F for 12-15 seconds at medium to firm pressure.

Polyester at 275°F for 12-15 seconds at medium to firm pressure.

Cover with a teflon sheet, kraft butcher paper, butcher/parchment/kraft paper or a silicone sheet. These are a COLD peel, so let it cool all the way down before peeling.

Then do a second press with your cover sheet for 5-10 seconds.

These can go on basically any fabric you would like.  You may need to adjust the amount of heat depending on the fabric.  If you’re using this product for the first time or trying a new garment, it’s always best to test on an inconspicuous area or spare garment before applying for the final production.

That's it, your done!


Standard washing/drying is fine. No special instructions needed.

Make sure you follow the specific instructions from the business you purchased the transfer from, as they can all be drastically different.

Images are shown slightly pixelated for internet use.  They will not be pixelated when printed out for you.

Orders with transfers can take up to 3 business days to ship out.  These items are print to order.  Full color prints/transfers are non refundable, returnable, or exchangeable.  

*OKEO-TEX means child safe*