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Custom Sublimation Gang Sheet Transfers - You Choose The Length

Custom Sublimation Gang Sheet Transfers - You Choose The Length

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Do You Want Us To Review Your Gang Sheet For Overlapping Or Cut Off Images?
Build your own Gang Sheet

Sublimation printing is a process where an image is printed with a sublimation printer, sublimation inks, on sublimation transfer paper.  You then heat the sublimation transfer onto polyester or poly coated items and the heat turns the ink into a gas and transfers the image into the item.  The items you are applying these transfers to will not have a “feel” as the ink goes into the sublimated product. 

A swing away heat press is most recommended to use so that the item you are pressing on has equal pressure in all 4 corners. 

Sublimation can require anywhere from 375°F-425°F (check the requirements of the item you are pressing, the manufacturer should have that info) and a good amount of pressure.

Sublimation will only stick to polyester, or poly coated materials (materials made for sublimation).  It will NOT stick to the mug you purchased from the store that is not made for the sublimation process.  Light color polyester fabric is recommended.

Sublimation transfers do NOT print white.

Do NOT mirror your designs in the designer.  When you receive your transfers they will be mirrored, so when you heat them on they will be right reading.  You heat them on with the ink side down.

It is recommended that you use a new piece of parchment paper inside the garment and as a cover sheet when pressing so that the ink doesn’t go through the garment.  Use a lint roller to remove any little fuzzies that could be on your garment prior to pressing.  You can use heat tape to hold the transfer in place-this will help avoid ghosting.  Ensure the transfer does not shift after pressing.  Peel immediately and evenly.

Watch the video on how to use the designer HERE

Do You Want Us To Review Your Gang Sheet For Overlapping Or Cut Off Images Explained-

If you choose NO -  then there is no review of your gang sheet.  

If you choose YES - then we will look over your gang sheet to see if e see any overlapping designs or and designs that will be cut off (off the design area). 

*****We do not check for low quality as the designer will tell you if it is a low quality design.

If there is an issue we would like to bring to your attention we will send you an email.  If we do not hear a response back within 24 hours we will print and ship your gang sheet as is.

Reviewing your gang sheet is NON Refundable

1. Choose your sheet size above, then click "Build Your Own Gang Sheet".  This will take you into the designer.

2. Upload your designs using the "upload image" button on the left . You may move them around and size them as you want. When you are done click "save and add to cart"

***In the designer - You have to click on your picture to add it to the artboard, drag and drop does not work***

Keep Your Images RIGHT READING

3.  You can change the quantity (number of copies) you want in the designer, at the top where it says "quantity", or you can click the "save and add to cart" button and change the quantity in the cart.

These can be designs you purchase (from online places such as Etsy or a designer website) that are a PNG file format. You can also make them if you are a designer, but they have to be given to us as a PNG file.

PNG files are recommended.  This printer does NOT print white.  Any white in your image will be transparent and the item you are putting the transfer on will show.

The colors could be slightly off if the designs are made (or changed) in RGB color format.  We print sublimation with CMYK inks and color profiles.  Print colors will be more consistent using CMYK colors.

We are NOT considered a print on demand site, as you are creating the final product for your customers, not us.

No Copyright things. When you send a file to us we assume you have the rights to have the image printed.

Colors could vary a little bit from your screen to the final print. This is just the nature of printing . If vastly different you will be notified.

These will be printed in the size you send them.

*Inkscape is a free software.

We are not responsible for pixelated artwork/designs.

There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges on these custom printed items.

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