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3lb Assorted HTV Scrap Box

3lb Assorted HTV Scrap Box

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HTV Scraps with assorted colors

Possibilities include: easyweed, glitter, electric, flock, holographic, stretch, extra, thermoflex plus, metal flake, turbo, decofilm soft metallic etc.  We probably can not tell you what a certain piece of HTV is, sorry.  This scrap pack is 3lbs of whatever HTV scraps we have available at the time.  There may be large pieces, there may be small pieces, a quarter of it may be black and white.  It all random and no 2 are the same.

In general, most HTV will adhere at around 315 for about 15 seconds.  I would try peeling warm first, and then if it does not peel well then try peeling cold.

Approx 45-60+ sqft

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