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FashionFlex Puff HTV Neon Orange 12x20

FashionFlex Puff HTV Neon Orange 12x20

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Add a fun 3D look to any design with FashionFlex® Puff!

This is super easy to use as you only need to press once to get that puff effect. It’s easy to weed and its pressure-sensitive carrier allows for easy repositioning. Results will vary depending on the material it is applied to.

Application Instructions

Blade – 45°

Cut – Mirror image

Temp – All colors:
255°F – *275°F
Vary Puff effect by increasing or decreasing temperature by 10°F within range.
*Metallic: 275°F

Pressure – Medium, even

Time – 12-14 seconds
Start at 12.
If more time is needed, press an additional 2 seconds.
Metallic: 10 seconds.

Peel – Peel hot.
Remove the carrier and/or transfer sheet immediately.
Metallic: Re-press for 4 seconds for maximum puff.
*We personally found (for metallic only) that doing 275 for 10 seconds, peeling cover sheet, then repressing for 10 seconds worked the best for us.

CARE – Wash inside out, cold water, gentle cycle, tumble dry low.

Applies to: Cotton, Uncoated Polyester, Fabric Blends, Polyester/Acrylic, and Similar Fabrics Excluding Nylon

Special Precautions Cannot be layered. Remove carrier immediately after pressing. If the carrier or transfer sheet is left on, it can create inconsistencies in the puffed material.

Color variation - During manufacturing, color variation can occur between rolls. This is especially true for Neon colors.


PLEASE NOTE: Every blade and machine is a little bit different- always remember to test cut! These cut settings are a starting point to be adjusted to your blade and machine.


  • Material: Iron-On
  • Pressure: Default
  • Blade: Fine-Point Blade


  • Material: Heat Transfer, Smooth
  • Blade: 3
  • Speed: 8
  • Force: 10


  • Speed: 8
  • Force: 18

We use a 45° blade.

Clear plastic side needs to be face down while cutting. Peel up a corner of the carrier to determine this before cutting. Carrier can be shiny or matte depending on batch.

Size is +/- 0.50 inch and +/-3% on length

Colors of products may be different than what the screen on your device shows.

TIP: Always perform a test cut prior to cutting a whole design

Helpful tip-Specialty Materials recommends if your T shirt or material your are putting this HTV on says "dry fit", "Moisture Wicking", or is Gildan Ultra Cotton, use a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol and squirt the material where you are putting the design. Then rub it in a bit with a cloth and dry or even heat press it to dry then press the design. This is due to the material being a coated material, instead of an un coated material.


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