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For Sublimation Ink ONLY

With FOREVER Subli-Light (No-Cut) GLITTER, it is finally possible to transfer full-tone colors to white and light-colored cotton textiles, as well as white fabrics and surfaces. Without Cutting and without Weeding!

The new 1-Paper System allows you to transfer powerful inks to white and light-colored fabrics. Use regular sublimation ink and transfer your image to different surfaces within a few seconds. The strong colors and the unique soft touch will inspire you.

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Click Here For Complete Instructions From The Manufacturer

Click above link for instructions for wood, felt and more.

Image Mode: mirrored

Print Mode: Use the Virtuoso Print Manager and the FOREVER Profile for printing with SAWGRASS SG400/800 and SG 500/1000. All other sublimation printers should be used with the standard settings and standard driver. To install the Virtuoso Print Manager or Sawgrass Print Manager, download the instruction on Support /Downloads / Printing Instructions / Sublimation Printers / Sawgrass Print Manager Installation or Support /Downloads / Printing Instructions / Sublimation Printers / Virtuoso Print Manager Installation. •

Print Quality: Priority Quality Paper Setting: Ink-Jet Normal Paper ICC Color Profile: OFF • Image Style: Only for full-tone vector graphics. Not suitable for photographs and light colors

We do recommend to press it on a white textile, to avoid any deviation of colors. If you don’t know how to create a color-chart, feel free to use ours at / Support / Downloads / Test Files / Subli-Light (No-Cut) & Subli-Dark (No-Cut) Glitter Color Chart.

Pressure: Medium

TEMPERATURE 170-190°C / 338-374°F

TIME 20-30 seconds

TRANSFER PROCESS • Preheat your heat press. Make sure that the metal plate underneath the rubber mat is also hot. • Place the textile on your lower plate and pre-press it for 15-30 seconds. • Place the transfer paper onto the textile. The print-out has to be transferred immediately, as long as it is still wet! • Press for 20-30 seconds. • Remove the transfer paper HOT Peel. (Never take the T-Shirt off the press before the transfer paper has been peeled off.) • For a better washability put a sheet of Matt Finish Economy (this would be parchment paper or silicone sheet) or Glossy Finish (this would be a PTFE non stick sheet) with the glossy side faced down onto your design and press again for 30 seconds with high pressure. • Stretch the t-shirt slightly after removing the cover paper as long as the shirt is hot. This leads to a softer touch.

WASHING • Up to 40°C (cold wash cycle). Inside out. Do not use fabric softener or liquid detergent. DRYING • Do not tumble dry! Hang dry or line dry recommended IRONING •

When ironing cover the print with baking paper

ATTENTION • You cannot transfer all colors. Please make sure that you are creating and selecting your designs with an high ink amount. Only for full-tone vector graphics. Not suitable for photographs and light colors You must transfer immediately after printing (the longer the time in between printing and pressing, the less will transfer) • Do not use composite black. It might change into brown after a few weeks or washes.

Tip-Pick images that are solid, dark colors. Variegated colors will usually not come out very good. Light colors in the image will not transfer over. Pre heating the garment for 15-30 seconds IS IMPORTANT! The bottom platen needs to be hot.

Before starting a mass production, we recommend to make transfer and washing test with all materials. Important advice for double-sided printing on textiles: T-Shirts for a double-sided print (front side & backside), has to be put over the lower heat plate. In this case only one side will be treated with heat and you avoid that the applied design from the other side will be pressed out again. If your T-Shirt is yellowing, lay a piece of fleece onto it during the transfer process.

As with all sublimation products, there can be a learning curve. We suggest testing this product out on a "test" shirt to make sure it looks like you want it to. There are no refunds on this product. This product is only for the printable sheets. It does not come with a silicone sheet or PTFE non stick sheet.

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