Inkjet White Waterproof Adhesive-8.5x11

Inkjet White Waterproof Adhesive-8.5x11

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Comes with a waterproof glossy laminate sheet to provide an extra level of water fastness, UV protection, and enhanced durability

Whether you want to use your inkjet printer to make bumper stickers or waterproof production labels our white waterproof adhesive film will allow for you to create durable, waterproof, permanent adhesive labels and stickers, using only your home or business inkjet printer. This unique vinyl material allows for waterproof inkjet output even though most inkjet inks are water soluble. The special finish featured on this media is stained by the ink in the same way a t-shirt is stained by fruit juice. This media works with any inkjet printer, including the Epson DuraBrite line and other solvent based printers.

Applications: Many customers use our white waterproof vinyl to make their own customized bumper stickers. 

1) Copy/Print on to the coated side of the media using a compatible Inkjet Printer.

2) To prevent a paper jam, make sure the vinyl is not bent, warped, or corners folded BEFORE loading. Loading by hand ONE SHEET at the time is a way to make sure it loads correctly.

3) Let the ink dry.  Then place the laminate sheet over top, starting with one side and slowly working it toward the other side using a squeegee.

Tips-If doing a print and cut make sure you print the registration marks. 

Do a "test cut" to get your cut settings before cutting a whole design.

Here is a helpful video for laminating.

These will ship rolled with your order.  You can set a book on it to flatten it back out.

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