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Oracal 951 Red Choose Your Length CLEARANCE

Oracal 951 Red Choose Your Length CLEARANCE

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Applications Long-term Premium cast PVC film for plotter applications with optimal cutting and application characteristics. Specially developed for lettering, marking and decoration. Particularly suitable for high quality advertising on vehicle and public transport systems. Suitable for application onto uneven and curved surfaces, as well as over rivets and corrugations. Surface has a high glossy finish.

Cast PVC film with a thickness of just 50 micron

Durability Up to 10 years

Release Liner 84# custom silicone coated paper with special release characteristics that provide excellent weeding and release values.

Customized blue silicone paper liner for white provides superior contrast for weeding

Adhesive Clear, solvent-based, permanent adhesive

Size is 12 inches +/- .5 inch on width and +/- 3% on length.

Colors of products may be different than than the screen on your device shows. TIP: Always perform a test cut prior to cutting a whole design.

*Longer lengths available upon request.

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