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Silver Leaf Adhesive Vinyl Choose Your Length

Silver Leaf Adhesive Vinyl Choose Your Length

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Note-One edge may have up to .25inch color strip where there is no pattern. This is typical, and is not a defect. Gold Leaf texturized graphic film is available in a variety of finishes, giving you the versatility to achieve the look of real metal with the durability and flexibility of a PVC-based film. The fine and coarse brushed metal finishes deliver cool, clean sophistication while the leaf and machine-turned finishes provide a more delicate, gilded look. 


Outdoor life-Up to 5 years

 Size is  +/- .5 inch on width and +/- 3% on length.

Colors of products may be different than what the screen on your device shows.

TIP: Always perform a test cut prior to cutting a whole design.

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