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100% Polyester Sublimation Hoodie - Teal Bottom Tan Top 2 (Read Full Description) CLEARANCE

100% Polyester Sublimation Hoodie - Teal Bottom Tan Top 2 (Read Full Description) CLEARANCE

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Shipping Policy.

Please Read - I mean all of this nicely, to save any disappointment in these.

If you are an extremely picky person, and everything needs to be perfect, these may NOT be for you.  If you are NOT ok with cutting off a string or a spot in the white area that may have been missed, these may not be for you.  All of the shirts may not have the exact same pattern in the same exact spot.  If you are NOT ok with this then these may not be for you.  These are made for a design to go in the "white" area, so with no design there they are slightly see through.  If you are NOT ok with that these these may not be for you.  Some of the "white" areas are not a true white color.  

These are NOT the same supplier as the "original" ones purchased, so make sure you re measure.  

These also seem to have much longer sleeves than any other hoodie I own (by at least 4 inches) so do a measurement 1 + measurement 2 on a hoodie you already own to compare to the below sizes.

With this being said, we did our best to check over them and make sure they were acceptable, but we are human and could of missed something. 
These are 95% polyester 5% Spandex which means they are not soft fluffy sweatshirts.  These are more like "dry fit" material.  

Everyone here that has purchased these, has sized up 1 size from what they would normally wear in a unisex size, so please check the size chart.  I normally wear a 2xl, and I purchased a 3xl.  Another girl here normally wears a large, and purchased a XL. 
Below is the size chart.  It is also in the pictures above.  Measure yourself.
SIZES: (in inches)

Sleeve Length (10.5-11)+27= 36.5-37
Bust Size 21.5-22
Top Of Band 19-19.5
Total Length - 27.5

Sleeve Length 11+(27.5-28)=38.5-39
Bust Size 22.5-23.5
Top Of Band 20-21
Total Length 27.5-28.5

Sleeve Length (11.5-12)+29=40.5-41
Bust Size 24-24.5
Top Of Band 20.5-21
Total Length 29.5-30

Sleeve Length (11.5-12)+30=41.5-42
Bust Size 25-25.5
Top Of Band 21.5-22
Total Length 30.5-31

Sleeve Length (12.5-13)+30.5=43-43.4
Bust Size 26-26.5
Top Of Band 22.5-23
Total Length 32

Sleeve Length (12-12.5)+31= 43-43.5
Bust Size 27
Top Of Band 25-25.5
Total Length 32
Made for sublimation, but you can put vinyl or CCS DTF on them as well.
No returns or exchanges.

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