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Laser Waterslide Decal Paper-Clear-A4 Size-8.3in x 11.7in

Laser Waterslide Decal Paper-Clear-A4 Size-8.3in x 11.7in

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With Clear laser Waterslide Decal Paper and your own desktop laser printer, you can create customized, vibrant decals for a great many number of projects. These decals are ultra-thin and look as though they were painted on, rather than have that "sticker" look. This unique media is not a peel and stick solution, instead, the paper itself is the adhesive. When combined with water, the adhesive becomes active and you can slide the decals onto most smooth surfaces, such as glass, plastics, or ceramics. 

Clear laser Waterslide decal paper is ideal for applications where the target surface is light colored.

Customers who use Clear laser Waterslide Decal paper use them for a wide variety of projects. Everything from restoring antique watches,tumbler decals, clocks, stoves, and even boat motors. Creating custom art for motorcycle helmets, bicycles, and car graphics. Modelers off all sorts use waterslide decal papers to create custom decals for their model cars, boats, planes, trains, trolley cars, and even robots & rockets. Don't settle for pre-made decals, customize your project using Clear laser Waterslide Decal Paper and your own laser printer.

Note-This product needs to be sealed with a clear coat ie-Krylon Crystal Clear, and the clear coat needs to be fully dried prior to use.


Using the water slide decal paper is simple: Print out your decals from your graphics editing software onto the water slide decal paper (plain side NOT the writing side).  Let the ink dry. Then spray the sheet with a clear sealant.  It is recommended that you spray it with the sealant and let it dry 3 times.

After the sealing process is completed 3 times and is fully dry, cut out your decals from the sheet, leaving at least ¼ inch of space around the edge of the design. Place your decals in a bowl of warm water. The paper piece will curl up, and then straighten out again. Once the paper pieces are laying flat again, the decals are ready to be slid off the paper backing and onto your item. 

These will ship rolled with your order.  You can set a book on it to flatten it back out.




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