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The Premium Blade is made of a sintered tungsten alloy composed of super-fine powder for extra durability. It can provide up to three times the lifespan of a regular blade under normal cutting conditions.

Silhouette blades provide the ability to cut various standard materials with a Silhouette precision cutting machine. This includes paper, cardstock, vinyl, vellum, heat transfer material, sticker sheets, and select specialty media.

Please visit the tools compatibility chart for further information on tool compatibility.

For use in: Original SD, Portrait 1, Portrait 2, Cameo 1, Cameo 2, Cameo 3, Curio

Can use in the Cameo 4 with the tool adaptor set only.

Product Details:

  • Blade Material: Tungsten Alloy (High-performance)
  • Adjustment Method: Manual adjustment (turned by hand
  • Blade Length Range: 0.1 mm - 1 mm

For use in cutting:

  • Paper
  • Cardstock
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Heat Transfer Materials
  • Vinyl
  • Select Specialty Materials

Compatible Machines:

  • Silhouette Cameo®
  • Silhouette Portrait®
  • Silhouette Curio™

* Newer machine models (Cameo® 4) require a tool adapter to use this blade.



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